The Story of Helly part 6/7

The Story of Helly part 6/7

The old man said:  “All right, then, that’s what  I’ll do.” Helly said to herself  “If  the children can hear me,  I’ll scream so hard  that they’ll get  tired of me and ask  the old man to send me home.”

But  the old man knew what she was thinking and said:
“All right, I’ll make  it so the children  not only can hear you but will like your screams as well.”
Then he said with a loud voice: “Helly, become a sounding iron.” And with  these words Helly found  that she had been turned into a big flat piece of iron.

Then  the old man took Helly to the nearby schoolyard  and hung her up by a chain  to be used as a school bell. When  it was  time  for  recess, the school  janitor  took a big club and banged  on the sounding-iron so hard  that Helly shouted: “My belly! My belly! Ding, dang, dong!” Over and over again: “My belly ! My belly! Ding, dang, dong!”

And at the sound of Helly’s screams  the children ran out of their  classrooms onto  the playground.  They clapped their hands,  laughed,  played,  and danced, delighted  to be outdoors and free of their studies.

Thus day after day Helly’s voice rang out, screamed out. “My belly! My belly! Ding, dang, dong!” Helly could see the children playing, hear their laughter and shouting. And she would ring out again when it was time  for them  to go home,  leaving her all alone. All the children  could plainly hear her voice and were delighted with  the sounds she made. And there she hung, day after day, and  there wasn’t  a thing she could do about  it.

One day after  school was over and Helly had been  left all alone, she  fell to  thinking: “What  a hard life, being away from  home ! If only I could go home again,  I’d be a perfect little girl.” Remembering the old man, she  thought:  “Maybe he’ll take pity on me and set me free. Maybe he’ll ask where I want to live once more.”

And suddenly she heard  the old man’s voice, saying: “Helly, come here.  It seems you’re beginning to see what wonderful places they were-your neighborhood  and your lane and your home. Now you appreciate  your home’.”

Looking  around, Helly saw that she was back  in her own shape, in the garden with the old man. She said hello and, very politely, asked after his health. Then she said: “Old man, please send me back home. Life is really  too hard away from home.  If you’ll let me go back,  I promise  to be a perfect little girl.”

The old man said: “All  right,  I think you’ve  learned  your lesson. Since you don’t seem to like my flowery garden, nor my parrots and nightingales,  I’ll let you  go home. But your head  is covered with  rust-where is your smooth black  hair. And you’re pale  from so much screaming--where  is your beautiful  face? Just wait a minute  and I’ll restore your health; then I’ll send you home.” be CONTINUE ...  The Story of Helly part 7/7

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