The Story of Helly part 3/7

The Story of Helly part 3/7

Her mother answered:  “This is the old man’s garden.”

But Helly couldn’t believe  that her mother would leave her here all alone  in a green and  flowery garden. So she laughed  and said: “I’m the way  I am and as long as I live I won’t change. If you leave me here,  I’ll bother  the old man so much  that he’ll get sick and tired of me and send me back home.”

Helly’s mother  said nothing and  took her  to the old man. He  lived  in a white marble palace  in the center  of the garden. Her mother greeted the old man, sat down, and said: “Well, old man,  I’11  leave my girl here with you. When she’s  learned to behave herself you can send her home.” Then  she got up, said good-bye, and started  to leave.

Helly yelled:  “Mother, Mother! I don’t want  to stay with this old man.  I don’t want  to stay here.”

But her mother  made no reply. She walked  on  into the garden  and disappeared  among  the flowers and trees. The old man said  to Helly:  “Well, baby, come  here. So here you are and here you stay. Now where would you like to live?”

Helly,  feeling  very  sad and lonely, answered: “It makes no difference  to me.  I’m the way  I am and as  long as I  live I won’t change.”

The old man  laughed and said: “I  tell you,  there’re ways to make you change your mind. I’ll turn you  into a chicken and send you to live  in a cage with the other birds-with  the hens and  the  roosters  and  the doves. Let’s see  if you can bother  them.”

Helly said:  “I’m  the way I am and  as  long as I live  I won’t change. I’ll peck the chickens and the doves, peck  their  eyes right out.”

The old man only  looked  at her. Then he raised his head and called out:  “Can you hear me, hens? Can you hear me, roosters? Can you hear me, doves? Here’s Helly, whom  I’m leaving with you. Let us see how she gets along with all of you.”

Helly sat herself down on  the ground, saying: “I’m the way I am and as  long as I live I won’t change.” But as she spoke she was turning  into a short-legged chicken’ Instead of her smooth black hair, she now had a black crest on her head.  Instead o[ her bright  red dress, her body was now covered with red feathers.

Story from Asia

The old man called a boy and said to him: “Take  this Short-legged, black-crested, red-feathered hen and lock her up in the bird cage.”

The boy caught Helly by the  legs and threw her  into the cage, which was made of gold and silver. The chickens  and the doves  in the cage took one  look at Helly and didn’t  like her at all. They flew at her and pecked at her head and clawed at her back.  It was terrible,  and soon she had a bad headache. She cried and wept, she sat down and she stood up, and she could see  that  the roosters were much stronger  than  she. Then she ran away  into a distant corner of the cage and  tried  to take refuge from  the other birds. be CONTINUE ... The Story of Helly part 4/7

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