The Story of Helly part 5/7

The Story of Helly  part 5/7

The old man said:  “No, I’ll send you any place you want to go in my garden, but you can’t go home until you appreciate  it.”

“Well  then,” said Helly, “at  least put me where there are other children  to play with.”

The old man said: “All right,  if that’s what you want. But what will happen if you start bothering  them?”

“Oh,”  said Helly, “I promise  not to do  that.” But to herself she said:  “Maybe I couldn’t cope with  the birds but I can certainly handle  children. I’ll make  them so tired of me they’ll beg the old man to send me home.”

But  the old man knew what she was thinking and said: “So  it’s to the children  you go, but you won’t be able  to talk to them. They’ll be able  to look at you but not to hear anything you say.” Then he closed his eyes and said: “Let this little girl be  turned  into a picture,  a picture of a little girl just like Helly, a picture in a book  for children.”

“No, no,” Helly shouted. But even as she was speaking  she became smaller and smaller,  and then she suddenly  found that she had become a picture  in a picture book. The name of the book was The Stor2  of Helly. Then the old man  took  the book to a bookshop and asked the owner of the shop to sell  it.

The Story of Helly, with  the picture of Helly  in it, was  in the bookshop  for a long,  long  time. It became  all dusty, and no matter how she shouted,  she was only a picture and no one could hear her voice.

Finally one day a young boy picked up the book and decided  to buy  it. He took the book home and showed  it to  the children  in his neighborhood.  Helly tried and tried  to call out to them, but they couldn’t  hear a word she said.

One day when the boy was  reading  the book he stopped to look at the picture of Helly. He said:  “But she’s so pale. I know what I’ll do-I’ll color her.” So he got out his colored pencils  and started coloring Helly. The pencils were very sharp and hurt Helly’s  face very much. Shouting  out with pain, she began wishing  very hard  that  the old man would come. She’d  tell him how sorry  she was and promise to be good.

At this moment  the old man appeared and said  loudly:
“Helly, come here to me. I want to talk to you. Come out of  that book.”

And suddenly Helly was out of the book and back  in the garden,  The old man asked her how she was and  if she had had a good time with  the other children.

Looking around at the garden,  the birds, and the sky, Helly said:  “How can I tell you, old man? My whole body hurts horribly. I’ve been colored  yellow, blue, green,  red, white,  black,  purple,  and pink. Please  take pity on me. Isn’t it time for me to go home now?”

The old man said: “No, Helly.  It’s still too soon  for you to go home. You don’t  really appreciate  it yet. So where would you like  to live now? There are many nice places  in my garden here. The garden  is full of parrots  and nightingales. And  there’s my beautiful palace. What else could you

Helly answered: “Please, old man, let me go, and keep your garden  for yourself. Keep your old flowers and parrots and nightingales.  I  don’t want to live  in a white marble palace.  Please  send me back  to my own home. Please, please  !” But  the old man shook his head and said: “No, not home, but I’ll send you any place else that you want.”

Helly said:  “Well,  then, send me back to play with  the other children, but please make  it so that they can hear my voice.” be CONTINUE ...  The Story of Helly part 6/7

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