The Soccer Game part 3/3

The Soccer Game part   3/3

At one point Win Mg is dribbling. If he passes  the ball to Hla Kywe, who  is ready  to receive it, there's  a good chance for a goal. But he doesn't  pass  the ball. And while he's dribbling alone, an opposing  player  takes possession of the ball.

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"Hey, Win Mg," Hla Kywe calls  in an angry voice,  "why didn't you pass to me?"

But Win  Mg doesn't answer. All he can think about is how he'll shoot  a goal himself soon.

The game becomes  still more  furious, and  the Kaingdan team scores again.

Win Mg's face  turns red, and he runs after the ball with all his might. But his efforts come  to nothing, and soon  the referee's whistle ends the game. The score  is two to one in the Kaingdan  team's  favor. Win Mg's side has  lost.

On the way back home Win Mg walks with his head hanging down. He can no  longer  boast  that he's the champion.

The goalie walks  beside him and berates him: "It's  just because  you played all by yourself. Do you realize we lost just because you wouldn't pass  the ball  to anyone  else? You played to please  yourself because you know everyone  thinks you're the best, didn't you?"

At  these words Win Mg suddenly  realizes his mistake. He'd ignored the ability of his  teammates  and thought  too much only of himself. He had simply forgotten  that a team's collective strength  is bigger than  the strength  of any one player. He'd been so proud of his own skill that he'd  forgotten everything else. Now he can see  that, despite  their winning  start, his  team had lost because of him.

He went on thinking  to himself: It really  is my  fault. We've lost because  I thought so highly of myself.  I'm to blame  for our losing.  If only  I'd played  the usual  team game, we'd have won. Even my initial goal was thanks  to Hla Kywe's pass.

I was  the only one who didn't have confidence  in the others. The rest had confidence  in one another  and played with team spirit. Shame  on me!

Win Mg feels more and more bitter. He cannot  forgive himself.

"Yes, my  friends," he says aloud to the teammates around him, "it's all my fault.  I'm to blame  for our  losing.  It's because  I was too proud of myself. Because  I didn't have confidence  in all of you. I did the wrong thing."

Thus does Win Mg admit his  fault, feeling  very, very sorry as he and his teammates walk on  toward home.

The End

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