The Story of Helly part 4/7

The Story of Helly part 4/7

Presently the boy brought  some grain  to feed  the birds’ They swarmed  around  the  feeding  tray and began gobbling up the grain. When Helly came and tried  to get a bite,  they flew at her again. And again  she had  to retreat  to the far corner of the cage, where she sat and thought how hungry
she was.

She said  to herself:  “What a world  ! What a horrible world  ! Nobody ever worries about me. Nobody  ever  thinks  that I too need  food and water.  I’m all alone here.”

Then she went and asked  the other birds  to please give her some of the grain and let her have some water,  but they didn’t  answer. None  of  the hens and  roosters  and doves took pity on her. Instead, whenever Helly came  near  them  they would peck her on the head. They pecked her so much  that part of  the crest  fell off her head. And  finally she quit talking entirely, she quit walking around,  she quit pecking, and she quit begging  for food and water. All she did was sit  in her far corner of the cage and murmur:  “What  a world  ! What a horrible world ! No water,  no food.”

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One day she  remembered  the old man and said  to herself: “I wish he were here now and would ask how I’m feeling. I’d tell him, all right, how horrible everything  is. I’d tell him  I’d do anything he wanted,  go wherever  he wanted me to go, if only he would set me free and let me be happy again.”

At this moment the old man appeared before her. Stretching out his hand, he pulled Helly out of  the cage and asked:
“How are you  feeling, Helly?”
“Horrible  !” answer Helly,  ‘Just horrible  !”

The old man said: “Didn’t I tell you couldn’t  cope with the birds? Just see how hard  they’ve pecked at you until even a part of your crest  fell off! Here, have a look at yourself in a mirror.”

All of a sudden Helly  changed  back  into her own shape. But her  face was pale and she’d lost some of her black hair and she was very, very thin.

The old man held up a mirror and said: “Where’s your smooth  black hair? Where’s  your beautiful  face? So now you know how uncomfortable it can be away  from your own home.”

Helly  looked in the mirror and felt very sad. She said: “Old man,  please save me  from  those birds. Please  send me back home.”

The old man answered:  “No,  it’s still  too soon. You still don’t  really appreciate  your home. So choose  some place else to live here. There are many nice places  in this big garden. There’re many  flowers and there’re parrots and nightingales. The parrots  talk and the nightingales sing.”

Helly answered: “I  don’t want a garden  full of flowers. I don’t want parrots  and nightingales.  I simply want  to go home.” be CONTINUE ...The Story of Helly part 5/7

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