The Soccer Game part 2/3

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The Soccer Game part   2/3

Once  the ball  touches someone's  hand on Win Mg's side and they are penalized. They have  to make a big effort  to avoid being scored  against.

Then the ball crosses over the center  line  to  the Kaingdan side. HIa Kywe dodges one alter another of the opposing players and carries  the ball forward. Win Mg runs ahead, anticipating that  the ball will be passed  to him.

Hla Kywe dodges yet another opponent  and pretends  that he  is going  to try to shoot  a goal. But  then  suddenly  he kicks the ball  to Win Mg, and  the other  side is caught  off guard by this surprise move. Win Mg connects with  the ball and  in a hard shot bangs  it toward the goal. The goalkeeper of the other side makes  a dive but fails to stop  the ba1l.

"Goal!" shouts  the audience.

Hla Kywe and Ko Than  run to hug Win Mg, who  is feeling quite proud of his goal.

Play goes on. Whenever the ball gets  to Win Mg’s feet whole audience roars  to encourage  him.

"Hooray  for Win Mg!"

"Do you best, Win Mg!"

Win Mg hears these shouts of encouragement  even while he chases  the ball around  the field. He feels quite satisfied with himself and  resolves  to try still harder  so everyone will really know how good he is.

The  first half ends with a score of one  to zero  in favor of Win Mg's  side. During the  five-minute  interval, Win Mg struts around the  field,  feeling more and more pleased with himself.

Good story for children"We're  going to win  for sure," Win Mg tells  the young teacher who is the coach  of his  team.

"And  that will make us the champions  in this  region," answered  the teacher.  "So do your best, boys."

The  referee walks to midfield and blows his whistle. The players  take their positions, having switched ends of the  field. And  the second half begins with another blast of  the whistle.

Win Mg's side, one goal ahead, keeps pressing  its opponents. Win Mg can think of nothing but showing  how good he, is. So he begins  to concentrate  upon individual play.

Whenever the ball comes to him, he doesn't  pass it on  to anyone  else but races  toward  the goal alone. He is constantly trying  to make goals by himself.

Meanwhile  the Kaingdan  team scores a goal. This makes Win Mg angry and he runs about  the field still harder.

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